I had a car accident right before we started shooting that was almost exactly like the show. It was a week before we started shooting. I was hit by a bus Prada Bags Replica, and I had a concussion, and I broke two fingers. But that’s precisely the point using the spring/summer season to galvanise the look to come. “You need to make sure 35 per cent of the collection is something you’re not comfortable with,” he says. “If you’re comfortable, it’s stale.” Uncomfortable clothes, apparently, are what the copyists will be churning out next spring..

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But Norsa is sure growth will continue. “We are still seeing significant growth. Of course there are concerns on the future but reassuringly we have seen Chinese consumer confidence is still strong,” says Norsa. “For the first seven to eight years Prada Bags Replica, we were pretty much just getting people used to the idea of what we do. People were so used to tailors; buying fabrics and getting it made. The concept of somebody being able to tell you how to dress, in itself, was alien.