Dementia Care Brooklyn

Dementia is not simply one specific disease. It is a group of thinking and social symptoms that interfere with daily functioning and can worsen if gone unattended. Unfortunately, many cases of dementia are incurable…but research has shown that certain types such as Alzheimer’s are now able to be reversed and lessened by therapeutic activities. That is why Seagate Rehabilitation & Nursing Center first opened its doors to the community with our dementia care Brooklyn program.

The main goal of our devoted team is to assist those with dementia in achieving independence, the proper care and therapeutic modalities, fun recreational activities, as well as a brand new outlook on what life still has to offer!

At Seagate, our top priority is to make all of our residents feel comfortable and cared for, at any time of day. We are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to serve you along your health and healing journey. Our dedicated team of physicians, nurses, caseworkers, social workers, and skilled therapists are on-site to make the dementia care Brooklyn admissions process as well as your extended residence with us, smooth and enjoyable.

As you or your loved one receive personalized treatment suited to your unique situation, you’ll also get to enjoy picturesque views of our beach from your window and on the outdoor patio each day. Seagate is a peaceful atmosphere supporting your most extensive healing and wellness. Our residents love the freedom they have to stretch out and rediscover themselves through their transitional period of learning more about this diagnosis. We also have a full calendar of fun events for you to relish in at our facility, full of connection and conversation with friends, rediscovering hobbies, or pursuing new ones that may interest you.

Although dementia conditions are characterized by impairment of at least two brain functions, such as memory loss and judgment, forgetfulness, limited social skills and thinking abilities – our staff is compassionate and patient to work with you gently as you regain your independence and zest for living in our dementia care Brooklyn program.

We have many choices in addition to our clinical services that will provide you with peace and tranquility at this time, such as music therapy, bird therapy, an exquisite tropical fish display, religious services (we love our Rabbi, who is on-staff to meet with you.), daily synagogue services, cultural events, common dining areas with scenic ocean views, and dietitians who work with your physician to provide the most nutritiously scrumptious choices for your specific health regimen.

We know how difficult it is to make decisions that not only affect your own life but the lives of your loved ones. We’d like to join you in the next steps to really ease your mind of any further stress. To set up a tour of our facility, give us a call at any time. (718) 266-2536. To check out testimonials written by our beloved residents or to learn more about us and view our lists of services and amenities, check out our user-friendly website! Let us provide you with the highest standard of dementia care Brooklyn. We’re in this together.

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