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It is a truth that into each life a little rain must fall. During the course of our time on this Earth, even with copious amounts of luck and surrounded by those we love it is almost inevitable that we will suffer misfortune related to our state of health. Sometimes this is passing and we are soon restored to full health and able to go about our daily business and enjoy a great quality of life without the skilled assistance of healthcare workers and specialists – and without have to be sequestered in a specialist facility.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case – and often those misfortunes that affect our health require the skilled attentions of others in order to help us deal with pain and discomfort – and assist us in regaining our cherished quality of life so that we can enjoy the company of others with a smile on our faces.

In cases like this, finding skilled nursing care can mean the difference between an extended bout of pain and anguish, and reducing the amount of time we are apart from those we love.

For those in search of skilled nursing care Brooklyn Heights, Seagate Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has proven to be an invaluable resource for those who require personalized services in the areas of rehabilitation while enjoying the services of a highly skilled team of nurses. The Center provides the services of specialists in a variety of medical disciplines, as well as therapists and specialists in rehabilitative disciplines. However, what allows those in search of skilled nursing care Brooklyn Heights to experience a real difference when it some to the supply of various rehabilitative services is the commitment of staff to the concept of ‘person-centered care’.

All too often facilities that supply rehabilitative services treat their patients as numbers on a spreadsheet, not so Seagate Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Here patients are supplied with a carefully developed individualized care plan which is structured to meet their individual needs, both physical and psychological.

Seagate has facilities geared towards the supply of both short and long term rehabilitation solutions. In terms of short term care, Seagate has facilities for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. For those facing physical challenges on their road to recovery the facility also has a state-of-the-art rehab gym. Seagate boasts multiple long term care options for patients, these include Intravenous Therapy, a Congestive Heart Failure Program, mental health services including Psychiatry and Psychology (the facility also has a structured dementia program / behavioral Unit) and various on-site medical specialty clinics (among other services). Palliative and hospice care options are also available and patients are cared for by a skilled multilingual nursing staff who pride themselves on courtesy and going that extra mile in order to make the medical experience of patients more pleasant and less stressful.

Finding a supplier of skilled nursing and medical care that meets the needs of both long and short term patients can be a challenge – especially where loved ones are involved. Then that rare combination of empathy and professionalism is an absolute requirement. At Seagate, that option is not only available but the ethos of that approach guides everything that happens under the roof of the facility.

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